Authentic, positive, wealthy inside & out, travelled, balanced, ambitious and open minded people connected through the invisible yet tangible vibration of love, happiness and success.


The saying goes that no man is an island and yet roughly 61% of the worlds population either sometimes or always feel alone. At Bluxe, its not enough to simply 'have company' but we believe the company you keep will most certainly impact and influence you in so many ways.


Wherever we have travelled in the world, from the sand dunes of the Maldives, the winding roads of Antibe, riding the waves along the coast of Anguilla, or the vibrant hot spots of Johannesburg, we have always attracted unique people with one specific thing in vibrations.


We created this community to bring all of that ethereal magic into one place and extend the invitation for you to join us in discovering more adventure, beauty, success and well-being that is there to be enjoyed.


One thing we have noticed, no matter where you go in the world, fashion for people of 'our tribe' is almost like an extension of their personality, vibration or their personal expression. So we have created our own special clothing line which does just that. Clothing that is stylish, protective and enhances your freedom - Welcome to Bluxe Signatures.