The Art of Collecting Art

The Art of Collecting Art

In recent years, the art market experienced a price explosion for paintings and record prices paid for paintings at auctions frequently attract the media’s attention. In 2012, Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” was sold for $120 million.

Status accounts for a substantial portion of the increasing prices of art, because after all, the desire for status is as old as art itself. Whenever there is a period of financial turmoil, many investors look for places to put their money, spaces that are considered a fairly safe asset class.

It has been documented that investment in art can serve as a means to safeguard against inflation and a way to diversify a portfolio, which comes in handy particularly in times of financial crisis. Art is associated with tangible assets such as gold or commodities and has been said to serve, in part, as a great hedging instrument.


The only thing more immune to inflation than art, is gold!


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Now when caught in a time of crisis such as a pandemic etc., most people don’t have a couple thousand pounds to throw at a collectable piece of art. So how do you benefit from the financial security that art investments can provide at a more accessible price? Introducing Bluxe Signatures the Art Is Life collection.

When Bluxe partnered with award winning South African artist Giggs Kgole it was a match made in heaven. Owning an Art is Life collection garment allows you to own a collectable piece of art, which over time only increases in value, at a fraction of the cost, due to its limited supply.

Winner of the People’s Choice awards for his masterpiece “God Ke Mama”, named The Mail and Guardian’s Top 200 young South Africans, winner of the much-coveted Young Masters with private collections across Monaco, Rome and Johannesburg and hand selected by American Filmmaker Ava DuVernay to exhibit in the #SAYMYNAME exhibition in London, UK, Giggs Kgole is fast becoming a household name. While one of his latest pieces sold for £35,000 in 2021, the Bluxe Signatures Art is Life Collection gives you the opportunity to own a collectable Giggs Kgole piece, hold on to it, and capitalise on the increase in value.

The Art is Life collection is limited edition and includes T-Shirts for £120 and crewneck sweatshirts for £189.

There is an art to collecting art, and it just became more affordable. With The Art is Life Collection Bluxe Signatures are looking to introduce a new type of collector to some of the worlds young, award-winning masters, and share their exclusive paintings with an audience who until now, may only have had aspirations of one day owning their art.


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