Bluxe makes GQ Top 10

Bluxe makes GQ Top 10

#GQ Magazine acknowledged and featured #Bluxe as one of the Top Ten Coolest Things and ranked Bluxe at #2, which we are frankly so excited about, Bluxe shares the space with so many cool and amazing well-established brands.  

Bluxe Hooded Dress

 We are so excited about this accolade as we get ready to launch the hugely anticipated Bluxe Signature Frequency clothing range, described as a game changer for the entire fashion world.  

This is the first time that frequency, science and nano-technology have been fused together with art and fashion so seamlessly, creating a totally new and unique experience. Our range is one of a kind, allowing the frequency of the wearer to be impacted through scientific technology developed exclusively by Bluxe.

 Bluxe Frequency T-Shirt

 Bluxe was chosen as a partner of award-winning textile technology giant HeiQ, based in Switzerland. This range uses #Viroblock, the world’s most advanced antimicrobial technology, which creates an additional layer of protection, this combined with frequency helps to keeping away bad energy.

  Assassin Hooded Leisure Suit Bluxe Frequency enabled

 The brand embodies heritage and luxury, creating instant classics. It’s urban leisure ranges are all limited edition collectable pieces with each item numbered and recorded with selected pieces added to the block-chain, Bluxe is sustainable, ethical and futuristic, helping to shape fashion for the future.