Garment Care


Congratulations on the purchase of your Bluxe Signatures Collection garment. You are now part of a unique community who own a world first, carefully designed and sustainably manufactured iconic fashion item at the cutting edge of clothing technology. 

Each range has been created, crafted and tailored to the highest quality and has arrived to you with many distinguishing features and enhanced benefits for the wearer. All clothing is organic, using the highest standard in organic cottons and natural dyes.

Our garments have been induced with Solfeggio frequencies, specially coated with HeiQ Viroblock during the manufacturing & packaging process and finished by hand.

To keep your garment performing and looking its best please follow the washing instructions inside your garment (wash by hand) and frequency top up guidelines below. 


Frequency Top Up Instructions

Please place your garment in close proximity to a speaker (no further than 3 feet) and select the audio file and frequency below that matches your garment.

Press play on your audio device at an audible volume and expose your garment to the sound for up to 1 hour and no less than 10 minutes. Once this is done, you will have successfully synchronised and enhanced the frequency already embedded.

It is our recommendation that after 10 washes you expose the garment as instructed above for an optimised experience.    


Please see below a range of Solfeggio frequencies currently active within our comprehensive range.


285Hz – Influence energy fields


396Hz – Turn grief into joy



417Hz – Facilitate change


528Hz  – Transformation & miracles


639Hz – Reconnecting, relationships


741Hz – Expressions/solutions


852Hz – Return to spiritual order


963Hz – Awaken perfect state


The impact and effects of frequency enhancement are best enjoyed in moderate, regular intervals.